Series B Books

B1 Christian Philosophy and the Meaning of History (new: 130 pp.) Available


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Description: Provides the reader with a suitable introduction to Dooye-weerd's philosophy, focused upon its critique of the modernist belief in the autonomy of theoretical thought. The second chapter deals with the meaning of history. It provides a basis for the third chapter which discusses the criteria of progressive and reactionary tendencies in history. The fourth and final chapter deals with a reality still confronting Christianity today: the dangers of the intellectual disarmament of Christianity in science and scholarship. The devastating effects inherent in both the accommodation of unbiblical motives by Roman Catholicism and the secularization of Christianity by modern Humanism are treated with a penetrating analytical profundity. [ISBN 0-7734-8732-8]



B2 Essays in Legal, Social, and Political Philosophy (new: approximately 175 pp.) Available


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Description This volume is subdivided in three sections, each containing two chapters: I Legal Philosophy (Calvinism and Natural Law; The modal structure of jural causality); II Essays in Social Philosophy (Sociology of law and its philosophical foundations; The relation of the individual and community); Essays in Political Philosophy (The contest about the concept of sovereignty; The Christian Idea of The State). [ISBN 0-7734-8734-4]



B3 Roots of Western Culture (newly edited: 230 pp.) Available


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Description: This is the most accessible work written by Dooyeweerd. It provides an understanding of Greek, Medieval, and Modern Humanistic life-orientations in their historical development and inter-penetration - throughout confronted with the implications of an integral biblical understanding of the human condition, human society and the place and calling of scholarly reflection. Is shows a healthy sense of solidarity and criticism with these various traditions. From a purely historical point of view, Dooyeweerd for example writes, Humanism has done more for the recognition of public freedom for religious convictions than did seventeenth-century Calvinism. particularly instructive in this work is Dooyeweerd's unveiling of the origin of the modern ideology of community at the beginning of the previous century and its subsequent effects in National-Socialism. [ISBN 0-7734-8715-8]



B4 In the Twilight of Western Thought (newly edited by J. Smith, Villanova University: 180 pp.) Available

(List Price: US$99.95, Book Plan Price: US$39.98)

Description: Dooyeweerd discusses in this work the pretended autonomy of theoretical thought (2 Chapters); the sense of history and the historicistic world- and life-view ((2 Chapters); the relationship between philosophy and theology (3 Chapters) and concludes it with a Chapter on the question: What is a human person? [ISBN 0-7734-8717-4]



B5 In the Struggle for a Christian Politics (new: approximately 290 pp.) Available soon

Description: A comprehensive discussion of this problem against the back-ground of thorough historical analyses - also indispensable for an informed understanding of the idea of the state as such (based upon an extensive series of articles that appeared in the Journal "anti-revolutionary politics" during the years 1924-1926). [ISBN 0-7734-8852-6]