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English translations are being produced under the title The Collected Works of Herman Dooyeweerd.

Available Titles:
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Series A: Multivolume Works

A New Critique of Theoretical Thought
Volumes l-lV (may order individual volumes)
Reformation and Scholasticism in Philosophy
Volume I: The Greek Prelude
Encyclopedia of the Science of Law
Volume 1: Introduction
Series B: Collected Essays
Christian Philosophy and the Meaning of History
Essays in Legal, Social, and Political Philosophy
Roots of Western Culture
In The Twilight of Western Thought
The Struggle for a Christian Politics
Series C: Dooyeweerd's Living Legacy
Contemporary Reflections on the Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd
Contours of a Christian Philosophy
Series D: Compilations of the above
Political Philosophy
Political Philosophy

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Below you will find Series A, B, and C. Click on a Series to get more details about them.

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Multi-Volume Works - Series A
includes multi-volume works as well as larger single volumes each to be bound in a standard format (including newly translated volumes and the re-publishing of out-of-print volumes).

Collected Essays - Series B
includes smaller volumes and volumes constituted by a combination of related articles, essays, speeches and other material, with each such collection also bound in standard format (also including newly translated volumes and the re-publishing of out-of-print volumes).

Dooyeweerd's Living Legacy - Series C
works by authors other than Herman Dooyeweerd, including, but not limited to, studies of, applications of, and reflections on Dooyeweerd's work.

Encyclopedia of the Science of Law Volume 1

An Introduction to Dooyeweerd's Thought